Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Alexander McQueen - Anything But Mundane

I love fashion, even though my own clothing has never progressed past 1960-70 hippie. Nonetheless, I adore fashion and watch the trends and styles and what is put down the runways in New York and some of the European runways. A friend on FB posted the video below and I fell in love. The fashions of Alexander McQueen, although I had been aware of them, were presented as art in an exhibition entitled "Savage Beauty" and I was stunned and glued to my screen as I watched it. I dared DH's wrath and found a copy of the Met Museum's catalog book available second-hand and it arrived yesterday. Large folio format with huge photos of each item, it's amazing! I started reading the introductory essays last night and will continue today. What a phenomenal exhibit this was! I'm giving you links to the YouTube videos of both exhibits - the first for the Metropolitan Museum (8:30) and the second for the Victoria and Albert Museum (10:06) where the exhibit was the best attended in the museum's history. So amazing! So beautiful!

The weatherman says it will be a rainy week this week, except for today. But I work today, so it might as well be raining. I won't be out in the sunshine. The clouds and grey weather are why I don't live in the Pacific Northwest. It's beautiful out there - the ocean, the mountains - but I can't tolerate the grey skies day after day. I need blue skies and sunshine. I don't get enough of those here either, not compared to Colorado and New Mexico - the other two places I've lived in for long periods of time. But at least I get some. This week, however, it going to really pull my mood down. Grey skies and rain pull me into depression. So I'm going to be super diligent and try and focus on the positive for a while because it's much better to be positive than to concentrate on the negative. Here's the second video I spoke of - Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty.

It's hard to believe that April is almost over. I have done snippets of writing, but not a lot. At least I've been doing a few creative things in the studio, just not on the page. I've been wrangling with my desktop computer and may have finally gotten the assistance I needed to bring that one back into line. So, things are progressing. Here's hoping you have a fabulous Tuesday. I'm off to the elliptical and then a nice small breakfast with LOTS of coffee. I'm exhausted today.

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