Saturday, April 23, 2016

Motivation - Sometimes It's Tough to Achieve

I have projects sitting at my computer desk and beading desk. I have more projects on my jewelry bench and pending projects and stories in progress on my computer. I have two repairs that are due mid-week and the gym is calling my name. I need to finish cleaning my car, repair two paintings so that I can return them to the living room wall, and I've started bringing up old inventory to the sales floor to sell some "new" stuff.

Among the items we have available for our crafters
are a variety of leather and some pelts, including
coyote. They get used in lots of different crafts,
including making hats, lining boots, and embellishing
collars. Warm and beautiful. We had a lot of overstock
in the warehouse and we've brought them up to
the sales floor. 

All these things are pending or in process, but I can't motivate myself to get going on any (or at least most) of them. I find myself having my nose in an e-book or my fingers on the keyboard working a digital jigsaw puzzle instead of tackling my "to do" list. It's not that I waste a lot of time, anyone reading my blog over the years knows that I'm highly structured. But sometimes I have to push my thoughts to percolate through. Eventually the inspiration happens and I get things moving along.

There's nothing quite as beautiful as a Swarovski
crystal (unless it's a gemstone, which it WAY beyond
my budget). I have a lot of older crystals that are
no longer made to offer at exceptional savings
to my customers. 

For example, more than a month ago I chose four old styles of Swarovski crystals to clear out. These are old, discontinued styles and/or colors that are still priced with 2008 prices, and I'm taking an additional 30% off that price as well as applicable personal discounts. As a deal, it's amazing! I need to send a Constant Contact email out to my customers to announce these sparkly things, but finally, after almost a month, I got the email formulated yesterday afternoon. Now for a final review and then to release it. One thing almost done!

I have used Constant Contact to keep in touch with
my customers for years. It's quirky, but it seems
to work pretty well. 

Maybe I'll bring the repairs to the shop with me and get them done today while I have some slow time. That would take two more things off my to-do agenda. Progress - slow but steady. I'm also still working on the remainder of my B2MeM stories. I want to finish this run. Maybe if I set a firm deadline - how about "Get these done before my birthday." That will give me a few weeks. Have a great weekend, I'm off to the pool for a nice swim.

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