Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Zootopia - Great Fun

Chickie and I had a great time watching Zootopia last night. Of course, I'm regretting it today because five hours of sleep equals nonfunctional! But it was worth the lack of sleep. The movie was a lot of fun, very cute, and the different animal characters were beautifully realized. It's a movie both kids and adults can enjoy. The theater was full with a totally mixed audience who were quite loud before the movie started, but once it was underway and the animals were on-screen, both kids and adults were totally absorbed in the action and the only sounds were laughter.

Yax in Zootopia had one of the best casting choices I've ever
seen for an animation. The spaced-out naturist Yax is vocalized
by Tommy Chong of Cheech and Chong fame. It was PERFECT! 

Today I will take a shipment I purchased from and get some replacements. Any other company's fulfillment center would have recognized that light bulbs are fragile. I wanted to get in on the last day of a 2-for-1 BOGO sale for LED light bulbs (they're so expensive) but couldn't make it out to Target, so I ordered on-line. The box came with practically no padding and way too much tinkling. Upon opening, little shards of what had been light bulbs covered the bottom of the box. SO NOT HAPPY! They will be exchanging these for me today!

LED lightbulbs are wonderful, but not when they
arrive shattered. No bubble wrap, not even much paper
padding in the box. It's no wonder they were in little
pieces when they arrived. *sigh*

So I'm taking my sleepy body to the gym. I got a new swimsuit in the mail yesterday, but had to leave it at the shop until today since I didn't want anything of value in my car while it was parked at the cinema. I'll do a test try of the suit later today and hopefully it will fit. I really need one that's not as baggy as what I'm wearing now.

The business income taxes are finished and filed, so now it
is time for the personal income taxes. SO NOT FUN! 

My night will finish with an appointment for my personal income taxes. Oh joy! There's always something that we forget to bring that I have to drop off a day or two later. We have plenty of time, though, and I think we've got almost everything pretty nailed down. Have a great Wednesday and do something nice for someone else today - karma - pass the good kind along.

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