Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Life is Too Short!

Life is too short. I'm not in the mood to concentrate on the negative, I'm pushing it behind me and focusing on what I have to achieve at work and when I need to do today. Speaking of which - Chickie and I are attending a showing of Zootopia tonight - bring on the free popcorn and fun animation!

I'm really looking forward to seeing Zootopia with Chickie tonight! 

But since I am discussing the brevity of life, and since I adore cemetery art, I'm going to focus the remainder of today's blog on some excellent statuary found in cemeteries around the world.

Here is a lovely veiled woman with flowers (photo
by Herbert Baglione). I've always been very fond
of the 'veiled' look in marble work. The folds on this
monument's veil are very nice. 

Here, the spirit of the deceased is met with a
soft, welcoming kiss to the forehead. Perhaps
it is designed to make the viewer fear death
less, or just a reflection of hope. Either way,
it's a wonderful sculpture. 

Here's a detailed carving of a mourner with
sarcophagus from Nuremberg, Germany. 

A wonderful statute of mother and mourning child
from Cleveland, Ohio, USA. 

This beautiful angel in mourning is from the Ribaudo tomb, but
I don't have a city or location for this one. It's one of the
more unusual poses for mourning angels. 

So there you have it. Life is short and the statutes are waiting. Now, if you're a Dr Who fan, you know - DON'T BLINK!  Happy Tuesday to all.

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