Monday, March 14, 2016


So we're back to Monday and the start of another week; a full calendar, as usual, and so many things to do on my list. I'm not necessarily feeling as if I want to do any of them, but I do have do continue housecleaning. I'll be getting my wallpaper installed within the next six weeks, and I want my house back!

The walls are varying heights, some are angled juts, others
are extreme corners. I want someone else to do this wallpaper
job. I can do the smaller bathroom later on, but not the big walls. 

Housecleaning can include other houses. So those will also be cleaned up and the dust bunnies, spiders and creepy-crawlers will be swept out and eliminated. The trash man will be happy, I'll be happy, and life will go on.

Have a wonderful Monday. I'll be swimming, of course, because I need some positive endorphin experiences.

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