Saturday, March 12, 2016

Reviews - They Can Get Under My Skin

I had a post half-written and I've deleted it, as I've deleted a lot of responses to a review the past 24 hours. I'm going to switch this post over to a post about something happy, because I remember how my published friends work with reviews - at least those that get under their skin. They just continue on, secure in the knowledge that they won't EVER please everyone. I won't please everyone either. In the end, my writing isn't earthshaking. I'm no Hemingway or even an Amy Lane or TJ Klune. I'm just an artist who happens to write because I see scenes play out in my head and have to write them down. I am going to continue on with the story I'm working on because I'm enjoying the way the story is working out. I'll write the characters and stick with my goal of working my way through B2MeM while having a good time. I won't please everyone. That's OK. 

I should have just allowed the first review to slide by, but
I attempted to explain my choices. Bad idea. I admire the
author of the review, but I'm letting this drop. Now. 

Instead of falling down the cliff, I'm going to fly. I'll learn from
some of the review comments. But I'm tired of dwelling on them. 

I'm going to my happy place - time to get to the gym, and then
Chipotle for dinner and a day off tomorrow. Happy me! 

So I'm going to have a good day today (maybe finish the current chapter and get that posted), have a great dinner from Chipotle, and relax with DH for tonight and tomorrow. If you're in the US, don't forget to set your clocks ahead tonight - Daylight Saving Time begins early Sunday morning. Enjoy your weekend. 

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