Friday, March 11, 2016

Spring is Trying to Spring - Happy Thoughts

A new credit card will be in my hands sometime next week (then I can start the rounds of changing and updating my auto-pay accounts from one number to the next). I'm progressing on my B2MeM stories - got K posted late last night during Project Runway All Stars. Work is really slow - that's NOT a good thing, but something I just have to deal with, and the corporate income taxes were accurate and will be released for filing today. So not bad. Things could be worse.

I love it when the trees get fuzzy or furry once again. Early
spring trees, just coming back out into their glory, is one
of the happiest things I know. 

I'd rather stay home and write or create right now. It's the beginning of seasonal change here and that always pushes me towards making instead of tearing down. I'm looking forward to the trees looking bushy again, seeing my flower pictures posted by friends while I sigh with envy, and I'm hoping the new growth won't be killed by a late season snow. It's possible around here.

White Nose Syndrome is a fungus that attacks the bats, causing all
kinds of problems and resulting in high death rates. There's
a nice article about it here from National Geographic. 

Of course, with our mild winter will come repercussions. We'll have an increased tick and mosquito population because the die-off wasn't as extreme as usual. That will cause health issues for people and their pets, as well as wild animals and birds. The mild winter has also been responsible for an escalation of the mold that causes "White Nose Syndrome", an infection that kills bats. We need our bats - they help keep our mosquitoes in control. Bats are pretty cool all around - little flying mice using sonar. Awesome!

We're not quite there yet, but these daffodil
shoots remind me that Spring is on the way!
I wish it would hurry up! 

The snow is almost gone now, just a small pile remaining near my front door. All in all it was a really wonderful winter and I'm hoping we'll have a great year to follow. It's only March, we can still get a dump of the white stuff, but spring is in the air and I'll be damned if I just sit under a rock and wait for the flowers to bloom. We might not be there yet, but the signs are there! Happy, happy me! Have a great Friday!

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