Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St Patrick's Day

Thank goodness our tax appointment went quickly and smoothly and, miracle of miracles, we actually had all of the information needed! We should know how bad (or good) the final numbers are by the end of the month. It's most definitely NOT my favorite time of the year.

But there are very good things at this time of the year too - most specifically ... today is St Patrick's Day. So Happy Day to everyone and Irish blessings on all!

A photo of the St Paul St Patrick's Day Parade through the downtown
skyway area of St Paul. Certainly in a warmer month than we'll have
today. Bundle up if you're going to walk or celebrate, it's a crisp one today. 

We celebrate the "wearin' of the green" in our house because DH's mother was Scotch/Irish. We've never marched in our St Patrick's Day Parade, but that's more because we're weather wusses. Up here in the frozen northlands, marching on St Patrick's Day can be dreary, snow-filled, and very cold. Today, actually, won't be too bad, but there will probably be some light snow in the morning pulling back to light rain in the afternoon, and the wind might make things colder. I'll be back to my winter coat today. I remember a few rare St Patrick's Days where the temps were in the 50's and the sun was shining. Unfortunately, today won't be one of those days.

I'm quite sure the slave become priest named Patrick would
never have imagined anything quite like our celebrations of
St Patrick's Day. Go ahead, wear your green, count the leaves
on a clover and raise a toast to Patrick. 

But I wish all of you a very happy St Patrick's Day. I'd wish you the "luck of the Irish", but I'm not so sure that historically, the "luck of the Irish" has been all that good. So instead, I'll wish for a green day of great love and happiness for all and we'll leave it at that. Spring will be here at the end of the week, and Easter is less than two weeks away. Lots of things coming up to celebrate with friends and family. Happy Thursday!

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