Friday, March 18, 2016

E-Books - I Loves Them

I got my replacement credit card in yesterday's mail and have been getting the new card plugged into my auto-pay items. It's going to take a while, but at least I can finally buy e-books again. One silly week without the card and I already had a list going of books to buy *sigh*. I'm such a reading addict.

Happiness for me are books. So simple and easy
and (now) portable. Yeah - LOVE books! 

Are you addicted to books? Print or e-book, novel or art book, I have had an addiction to books since I was a small child and that doesn't seem to be changing or reducing at all. It there was a twelve-step program to get over book addiction, I would run away from it screaming. I don't want this addiction to be resolved or 'cured'. I love this addiction.

Books are friends and companions when we're
alone, during good times and bad, and even
during bad hair days or times of illness.
There's nothing better than a book. 

Books allow you to see into worlds you never imagined existed. Books allow interaction with characters and plots that take twists and turns down what had originally looked like straight streets. The streets all have hidden curves and blind alleys as you traverse them toward the conclusion. This week two books I had been waiting for got released and without the new credit card, I could only add them to a list of "Buy These". Now I can buy them and add their titles to my "Purchased in 2016" list. Having a list is the only way I have to work down my book list and not forget what I have to read next.

The Samsung S7 and S7 edge are actually the same width as
my current phone, and 1/2" longer. Of course, by the time I am
in the market to actually buy, there may be another new phone
that will be even better suited to my needs. But I need to get
something. My Motorola is starting to have some "interesting"
quirks and issues. 

For a right turn on the same street, I took a bit of time on Wednesday and looked at the new Samsung S7 and Samsung S7 Edge. Nice phones! REALLY nice phones. My contract for my Motorola Razr ends in September and I'm looking for a new phone. What's really impressive about the Samsung? Internal memory of 32 GB and can accept a SIM card of up to 300 GB. Yeah! Lots of storage room for photos ... and e-books! Happy Friday, everyone!

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