Saturday, March 19, 2016

Happy Ostara, Etc

Happy Vernal Equinox to all! We're in Spring at 12:30 am EDT on Sunday, the 20th. It's one of those times that actually means I'll be in Spring at 11:30 pm CDT on Saturday, the 19th. There's nothing like forcing me to wrap my head around time zones, but either way I look at it, we'll be in Spring on Sunday. Hurrah for little bunnies, budding flowers, singing birds, and green grass. Of course, that's still in my future. We were getting snow yesterday and the wind was blowing something fierce. I'll have to watch out for patches of ice as I drive to the gym this morning. Here are some Spring pictures for all of you to celebrate Ostara and the new season. Goddess Bless!

Happy Ostara to all! 

This lovely row of cast iron bunnies really caught
my attention. Fabulous! 

Many people will be celebrating Palm Sunday over the weekend.
I'm now one of them, but I wish all my Christian friends a
good start to Holy Week. 

Do you have your Easter baskets assembled yet? Chocolate
bunnies are a personal favorite, but I like chocolate eggs, too.
Oh heck - I admit it - I just love chocolate! 

So, as we enter Spring, the next week will be a week of celebration for many. Take this opportunity to take a deep breath, celebrate the change of the seasons, and gear up for another busy season. Happy Ostara to all!

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