Monday, March 21, 2016

I've Been Busy

I started the month with lots of time, but things crashed and time disappeared. I still have lots to write on my B2MeM stories, and I hope I can return to those this week. But I'm really behind on lots of reading, reviewing, and otherwise participating in B2MeM and I owe apologies to those who have been kind enough to review and ask for additional chapters. I'll get there - I promise.

Chickie is getting the same car I have, a Mazda CX-5, only hers
is one year older than mine. She's getting a great deal on it, and
I love my car so I'm pretty sure she'll love hers too. 

Today Chickie picks up her new used car. Her Saturn is on its' last legs and she started hunting for a newer vehicle a few weeks ago. I recommended the dealer and sales person I had worked with when I bought Minion, and we checked out their website. They had a couple of really good possibilities for her - slightly older than Minion but still with all the bells and whistles and within her range of funding. Today she picks up a red CX-5 just like Minion. We're wrangling back and forth on the name, but so far the only one she's posted that I like is "RedHotMama". She's planning a break-it-in car trip for Easter Sunday, I think it'll be a hoot having two and sometimes three red CX-5's in the store's parking lot (one of the workers at the veterinarian next door also drives a red CX-5 occasionally).

Easter Dinner is a big thing in the USA. Only Thanksgiving Dinner
has more angst associated with it. I'll cook something, but I
have no idea what. Guess I'd better figure that out, huh? 

Easter Sunday is coming up quickly. I probably should ask DH what he wants for dinner because if he wants a turkey, we should probably already have it in the refrigerator defrosting. We can discuss it today and figure things out.

Of  course, I'm a fan of Easter candy! It's not as much
of a haul as Halloween candy, but it's still a nice assortment
of chocolate, and there are PEEPS! I do love Peeps. 

I finally heard back from my wallpaper installer. He thinks he can do the job in mid-April, which would be great. He'll get back to me with a firm date later this week. I'm extremely happy. I want this done so that I can start thinking about the next area - the dreaded kitchen! I have a real love/hate relationship with that room. The laminate is heaven, but everything else really sucks. I'm not really in the mood to replace the cabinets, even though they need it. I would like a new granite or quartz counter, though. A working dishwater would be nice too, although a better oven would be higher on my list. We'll see.... Have a wonderful Monday and a happy week of accomplishment ahead of you.

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