Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Sometimes I Hate My Laptop

My laptop has been acting up, and I'm rather pissed at it right now. Although it is a touchscreen, I prefer to use a USB mouse since the items I work with go much faster if I use a mouse. My corded USB mouse was acting up last week, so I ponied up, spent the $10 for a new cordless version (on sale, but Logitech, a decent brand) and it installed beautifully. I've been using it without problem over the past few days, but yesterday afternoon, the computer suddenly stopped recognizing the mouse once again. I'm going to replace the crap battery with a good one this morning and see if that resolves the problem, but I'm NOT happy about this. I really think something should last longer than five full days (Thursday through Monday morning). Guess I'm asking too much in today's throw-away society.

Cordless USB mouse controllers are pretty standard now,
and I like the low profile and flexibility of getting
rid of the cord. But not if the darned thing doesn't work! 

DH is all stressed out. Now that we've got the little house sold (and it looks amazing - they did a great renovation job on it and it's now back on the market - overpriced, but I'm pretty sure they'll come down to meet a serious offer), it's time to divest the next thing. Once upon a time, my father-by-marriage ran a business that we purchased from him when we first moved up here. That business kept us in groceries and mortgage payments for many years, until my own business supplanted it. DH is now spending every spare minute going through the items left over from the old business and he'll try to sell them when he has them itemized, cataloged and boxed. It might bring a lot, it might bring a pittance, but either way, it will finally be out of my store's basement which will make me happy. It's a LOT of work, though, and it's depressing for DH to have to go through all of this. The fact that it should have been done more than ten years ago doesn't help either.

Here's what the exterior of the small house looks like now. They
completely redid the porch, repainted the house, put in a lot
of new storm windows, it really looks nice with lots of
new hardwood floors. They gutted and redid the
kitchen completely. Good job. 

Here's what it looked like shortly before we sold it. 

My job will be selling things that don't sell at my store. I do great with the craft supplies and jewelry, but I have bunches of graphic art that I don't have wall space to display. I need to get some addresses, take lots of photos, and market these out to other dealers who might be interested in them. Today I'll start hunting dealer names, etc. I used to be a member of IACA, the Indian Arts and Crafts Association, and many members of that organization might be interested in some of the artwork. Of course, selling the art will also entail taking a lot of photos and I don't have a really good camera for that. But, I'm not quite at that bridge yet. I'll get it crossed.

I belonged to the IACA as a member and a
board member for several years. Great group
of people. I think it's time to reconnect. 

I want to be a lean, mean, selling machine - LOL. I really need to get in gear and just get it done. If I can focus on my self-improvement by going to the gym every day, I can start to get things organized at my business too. It'll work. I might be certifiably insane by the end of the process, but I'm going to make it happen. Now to start organizing and figure out what camera will be best ... Happy Tuesday to all.

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