Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Winter, Winter, Go Away!

We're supposed to get anywhere from 1"-12" of snow today. The higher amount will be south of where I am, but I could see anywhere from 1"-4" where I am, and of course, it's a super busy day for me! I'm getting Minion to the dealer this morning after my swim for some general maintenance work (oil change, etc) and one factory recall that came through to be fixed at no charge. Then I'm running over to my niece's home to drop something off for her that I thought she might enjoy, and then I can start my usual errands - grocery shopping at two places and laundry. Adding the snow into my day will NOT make me happy.

I'm really hoping the snow will move just south of
us. The weather people were talking about 6"+ in the
southern metro, but 1"-3" or less in the northern suburbs.
Bring on that "or less" please. 

I'm hoping I'll get a chance to do some computer work and some writing while I'm home today, but my schedule is the usual form of crazy, so that may not happen. I have my next chapter under way and would like to wrap it up and continue to the next. Maybe I'll get lucky.

Sometimes we've all asked that question. Do you remember
corded phones, or the original "mobile" phones that were
as large and bulky as a briefcase? I love today's modern,
portable cell phones. Sometimes progress is an excellent thing! 

Aearwen and I usually chat for an hour on Wednesdays just to catch up, shoot the breeze, and talk about anything and everything under the sun. We've missed the past two weeks because of a variety of things just getting in the way - generally called LIFE - and I'm hoping we might pull things off today. I miss hearing her voice and I want an update!

I'm looking forward to my weekly chat today. So much has been
happening in Aearwen's life lately, so lots to catch up on. 

So it's a normal Wednesday - miles on the car, too many errands, and getting hugs in person and over the air from friends and relatives. If the snow holds off or blows by, that would make a day with promise even better. Happy Wednesday everyone!

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