Monday, February 8, 2016

Whoot! Whoot! So Much to Celebrate!

First on my list of celebrations - last night's successful conclusion to Super Bowl 50. For those of you hiding under rocks, who don't care about football, or who live in other countries - all that matters is that my beloved Broncos pulled it out and won over the Carolina Panthers. Deliriously happy doesn't begin to describe it.

Not the best photo with my phone in the kitchen, but these were our
Denver Broncos cupcakes. Orange and blue frosting and two plastic
rings - one with a football, one with a Super Bowl 50 logo. The
cupcakes were good, even if they look a bit scary. 

It wasn't a massive offensive battle between teams, it was slow, steady, creeping up the field and was a defensive battle for Denver that worked beautifully. Defense can win games and Peyton Manning and the rest of the team demonstrated that in fine style. DH and I ate omelettes for breakfast, pizza rolls for a snack, chili for dinner, and Broncos cupcakes for halftime. My weight is up, but I expected it to be and today I'm back in the groove.

Now we begin living in the Chinese Year of the Monkey.
Happy New Year to everyone! 

It's the beginning of the Chinese Year of the Monkey. I'm famously NOT fond of monkeys or primates in general, so I'm not doing a lot of celebrating for this one, but it is another year and another opportunity to do wonderful things. That's all to the good.

What quantifies a Random Act of Kindness? Here are some general ideas,
but the real kicker is that it is unexpected, and it is real. Do something
amazing for someone or several someones throughout the week and help
make the world a better place. 

Finally, it is also the week of Random Acts of Kindness. I didn't know that one until I looked at my calendar for the day. I enjoy doing these on and off. I like brightening people's day in little ways. Perhaps you'll have a chance to do something nice for someone this week. It should go throughout the year, but a week is a great start.

I found this while looking for Random Acts of Kindness and it appealed
to me on a different level. I still wanted to share it with all of you,
though. There are so many ways to make our world better. Find one
way and practice it. The world will reap the benefits. 

Happy Monday. This blog is short, sweet, happy and rushed since we got snow overnight and I have to get out and shovel before I head to the gym. Enjoy your day!

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