Saturday, February 6, 2016

Counting It Down - Super Bowl!

My dear friend Sharon, who lives in Denver, told me the city is awash in orange and blue. DH will be making chili tonight because chili is always best eaten the next day. Our pantry is filled with chips (Tostitos corn chips for salsa and the chili), we have other munchies, and we'll start the day out with ham and cheese omelettes for breakfast. By the end of the day on Sunday, I'll know whether I'll be celebrating a Denver Broncos win, or complaining that another one eluded us and we'll have to stick with the two Super Bowl wins that John Elway won for Denver way back when.

My Sunday will be centered around Super Bowl 50. I always watch the
Super Bowl for the commercials (some of the best in the year), but this
year my team is playing in it, so I'll be paying attention to the game too.

But I'm a Denver Broncos fan. Through the good years and lots of bad ones, I love my team. I wear the orange and blue proudly through the ups, downs, puddles of tears and elation of the wins. It's a good football team, but there are a lot of good ones. Salary caps have evened out the teams so that, realistically, any team has a real shot of being the stars of the great dance. This year it's Denver and Carolina's time in the spotlight. Denver joins a rare group of elite teams at the top of the list.

Pittsburgh Steelers862
Dallas Cowboys853
New England Patriots734
Denver Broncos725

It's Peyton Manning's third appearance as quarterback at the Super Bowl. He's been chasing that ring for years and this is his last chance to win it. He's going up against Carolina's superstar - Cam Newton. Newton is an explosive, highly mobile, young quarterback who's fabulous to watch. Carolina, under Newton, has the #1 offense. Denver, under Manning, has the #1 defense. I'm hopeful that I won't just be glued to the game to watch the commercials. I'm hopeful that these two quarterbacks and their teams will actually give us a game! Have a wonderful weekend, I'll be back on Monday and this game will have been resolved.

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