Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I Love Animated Films

I'm working off my Super Bowl festivities food weight gain, but I'm not sure how helpful today's schedule will be. The day is fairly normal, but tonight Chickie and I are going to see "Kung Fu Panda 3" in 3-D. Tuesdays are the best night for movies at my favorite theater. Standard tickets are $5 and 3-D tickets are only $6. Plus, members (they'll sign you up right there if you're not already a Movie Club member) get a free small popcorn and there are $2 hot dogs. It's a cheap date - LOL. I'm grateful - I'm not rolling in money right now - so I'm all for inexpensive.

It's going to be great to see Po and the others again on the screen tonight. 

I love going to animated films - what used to be called kiddie films. Many animated films are made for a mixed-age audience now, though. The writers and producers recognize that not everyone in the audience will be under eight-years-old. Kung Fu Panda is one of my favorite franchise films. Watching Po and the various escapades he gets into is always delightful. The supporting cast is brilliant and it uses old-style animation techniques which I don't see that often.

The Secret Lives of Pets is another movie I'm really looking forward to. I have
a lot in common with the poodle - switching from classical music to head banging
music in a flash of the dial, and cranking up the volume. 

I am also looking forward to "The Secret Lives of Pets" coming later this summer and I rarely see an animated film I don't enjoy. Even a small glimpse of Gru or a Minion makes me smile, (I'm easily entertained). I've wondered why I enjoy animated movies as much as I do and I think it comes down to color. I love color, and animated movies are bright and happy, they have blue skies and yellow suns and brilliant pinks and oranges. There's color everywhere. Even the villains are colorful, just in a different way - either their actual colors are darker, or the palette is more restricted.

The original "Despicable Me" pitted Gru against Vector. Gru dresses in
dark colors, but he has the Minions (all yellow and blue) and later the
three girls (all pink, purple, blue and, of course, unicorns) to offset his colors. Vector
is in orange - an overabundance of orange - against white backdrops. 

Of course the characters are one or two dimensional - it's rather the point, after all. But there's something really nice about having the good guys and bad guys so easy to separate. In real life, it isn't as easy. The person next to you might be a horrible person and you'll likely never know it.

All villains must have a job description and a great name.
Here's Vector's elevator talk. It's pretty good, isn't it? LOL

So happy Tuesday to all. I'll be watching a black and white, overweight, talking bear on the big screen tonight, getting home after my bedtime by almost an hour (!) and I'll be tired for tomorrow's swim. But tomorrow is my day off and if necessary, I can probably manage a short cat nap later in the morning to recharge my batteries. Some things are worth a little less sleep. Do you have a favorite animated movie or character? Share with me - give me hope that my love of animated films is not a voice calling out alone.

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