Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Day Rehash - A Sweet Day

Did all of you have a wonderful Valentine's Day? Or at least, did you have a great Sunday? Mine turned into a really nice and relaxed day. Originally DH and I had planned to have a nice breakfast, and eat out for dinner. But he decided that wasn't fancy enough (I wanted to eat at Chili's - admittedly not a fancy restaurant), so he decided to cook for me instead. I was fine with that as long as I didn't have to do dishes. So I cooked breakfast (I cook a great omelette) and everything else was on DH.

I make a really good ham and cheese omelette. He usually
melts extra cheese on his, I hit the Pace salsa hard for mine
(I'm a salsa addict - love the stuff!). 

We had our breakfast omelettes, and after he cleaned the kitchen, we went down to the workshop to look through the variety of rocks I have purchased for him over the years for him to cut and shape. There's a lot of them! They're all so different and so beautiful, though. It'll be fun to see what he ends up making with all of them. He wants me to go up to Cedarburg again this summer and pick out some more stone for him.

The Gem Shop in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, is a wonderful
resource for raw rock. The town is charming and I love taking
a little side trip up there while I'm at the Bead & Button Show. 

After looking through the stones, we shared margaritas while reading the Sunday paper, then settled down with port while he cooked dinner - wild rice and cashew stuffed chicken breasts, green beans in a sauce with onion crisps, and a rice medley. Dinner was spectacular and very yummy. We opened our V-Day cards and then separated - I went down to watch the Westminster Dog Show, he went up to flip between two different films.

I had a fresh fruit tart very similar to this and we split the
mascarpone. It was a sweet end to a sweet day. 

We gathered one more time for dessert - a fresh fruit tart for me, a creme brulee for him, and we split a raspberry mascarpone. It was the perfect sweet for a sweet day. But today we return to the real world once again. Oh well - these interludes are a great reminder of how perfect things can be sometimes. Here's hoping your V-Day was excellent and that your week ahead will be wonderful. Happy Monday!

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