Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Can I Just Skip Today?

Is there some deity somewhere that I can bribe so that I can wake up in a few more minutes and have Tuesday already behind me and Wednesday ahead? No? How cruel.

I like both my dental technician and my dentist, but this time
I may have to go back for some work and I won't be happy about
that at all. No choice, though. I'm trying to keep my own teeth
for as long as possible. 

Normally I wouldn't care - Tuesday is a nice day, rather innocuous, certainly not invasive or abrasive. But today starts out with a time crunch and a dental checkup, then probably disintegrates into a rollicking combination of boredom, moving into edge of the seat excitement when paying bills with minimal money, and finally becoming a nice day when kicking back with NCIS and the finals of the Westminster Dog Show. Starting the day out with a dental checkup, especially when I have one tooth that has been bothering me ... well, I can just say that I'm looking forward to this on the same level as being "escorted" into an ancient torture chamber in past centuries. *sigh*

We're not this bad - we're not negative at all. But I
had to chuckle at this when looking for a good
image for this section. How could anyone ever get
a negative balance of this much? Wow! 

Tuesday is also my bill-paying day. I decided I'd better quickly check my balance since I haven't received the household check from DH yet. Total OUCH! I'm going to have to be very careful to pick and choose what bills I pay today, and I'll have to leave him a note to give me the check tonight. I'm still not exactly sure about how to pay the health insurance, although I could borrow from my personal savings account. February/March are always the hardest months for us - we haven't gotten our income taxes filed yet - so no refunds - and the previous year's refunds are running out.

I'm not even sure who Z LaLa is, but I do know
her fashion sense is on strike. This could be
early Lady Gaga, except the Lady would have
rocked it more and chosen better. The gown
is tolerable (barely), but adding the boots and
hair/wig/head penile covering? No! Just ... NO!
Score: Shelob 10, Z LaLa 0. 

Well, the day isn't going to pass any faster than the prescribed pace, no matter what. That sucks, but that's the time/space continuum. I might want things to be different, but it's not going to happen. So here's hoping your Tuesday is sterling to make up for my patch of goo. (BTW - spent a few minutes clicking through the Red Carpet photos of the Grammy's. Really? Some mega-horrific fashion out there last night. So glad I skipped the award show to watch the dogs.)

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