Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Such Pretty Dogs!

I stayed up the extra hour to see who won the 150th Westminster Dog Show last night. I was actually quite surprised, the winner was not the dog I had thought would be taking home the title. But they were all beautiful, perfectly fit and happy dogs, so that's the important thing. I'm VERY fond of dogs, even though I don't have any four-footed fur friends living with me at this time.

CJ, the German Short Haired Pointer, was the winner of Westminster
this year. What a stunning dog he is. 

Lucy, the Russian Borsoi won Reserve Champion. What a wonderful
dog. I'm sure my friend Helen will love this one. She is
owned by two Afghan hounds, so the Russian is only a few steps
away from Eli and Sparkles. 

The Samoyed was another of the final seven. I've always been
very fond of this breed. That "Sammy Smile" and their sparkling
black eyes are endearing. 

Another dog in the final seven was Rumor, the German Shepherd
Dog. He was a beautiful dog, but lost in the final round to CJ. 

I have always had a fond spot for Bulldogs, and Annabelle, this
lovely lady, was the top of her breed and into the finals last night.
Isn't she just wonderful? My aunt used to say that bulldogs were
so ugly that you couldn't help loving them. 

A Shit-zu (Panda) won for the Toy Group and a Silky was the winner in the Terrior group. Thus, the final seven dogs. But there was no hesitation on the part of the judge. He had them around the ring several times and had his hands on each of them. As a former breeder of two of the breeds - Borsoi and Silky - he certainly knew what he was looking for in those two dogs. Congratulations to CJ and all of the other dogs. Now to get to the pool and get my swimming in before my very busy day starts. Happy Wednesday to all!

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