Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Month of Extraordinary Things

February is rather a "meh" month. It's rather dreary - snow or rain or a combination thereof, with rare blue skies, added to a month which stands out as odd already because it only has 28 or 29 days. I've always felt a bit sorry for February - it sure gets the short end of the stick. In a line-up, it would be the one who stands out from the others the most. February is the odd one - the problem child.

Here, February is acting up, rather like a bored small child.
March looks bored, April is a bit more lively, and May is
raring to go! 

Why do we prefer uniformity? February bothers me because it is much shorter than the other months, but as people, we usually will immediately spot the odd one out. Is this a throw-back to the days of hunting and gathering? Was this a survival mechanism to spot the wolf in sheep's clothing?

Are we genetically inclined to always focus on the different? Is it
this skill that protected the flocks from the wolves stalking them? 

Perhaps it is just that we subconsciously ignore the same. When confronted with the different, we stop, look, and try to catalog it so that we have a way to encompass the odd into our personal world-view.

Look at the odd one out. What do you see? Often it is something
important to distinguish and sometimes celebrate. 

Today accept a personal challenge. Find something new and different to look at, or look at the familiar from a different angle or through colored glass. Change something you think ordinary into something extraordinary. Maybe we can start looking at poor, short February as "The Month of Extraordinary Things" and elevate it above all other months ... or not! LOL. Have a wonderful Thursday!

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