Friday, February 26, 2016

Best Friends Forever

Short and fast today, as befitting a Friday. I spent last night's email time polishing and posting my latest drabble to Tolkien Weekly instead of clearing out my emails to free up my morning. So you got a short tale to read, and you're getting a short blog today.

This absolutely fabulous shirt arrived in yesterday's mail
from my BFF, Sharon. Thanks so much!!!

I'll start out by pointing out the fabulous shirt that my BFF Sharon sent to me. It arrived yesterday, via mail person (it should have been delivered via Pony Express to keep the horse theme going). It's totally amazing and will be my 3x/week gym wear as soon as we're back to the heat and have left the cold behind us. People I see daily will probably get really tired of my rubbing our Super Bowl win in their faces. Too bad! It's a wonderful shirt and I can't wait to start wearing it! THANKS go out once more to Sharon - the perfect gift from my longest time friend.

Best friends just get you. You don't have to explain yourself, you
don't even have to talk. They are there to listen when you need it,
and there to talk when you need to hear the words. 

Which makes me think about friends - they're really quite spectacular and special, aren't they? Who is your longest friend? I could count Missy in that list - after all, I've known her since she was in her crib. But I've always thought of her as a relative, not a friend, so I push her into that different category. For friends I'm still in touch with, Sharon has been with me the longest. We are high school friends, and that was a long time ago.

Best friends just understand. You can be loud or
quiet together and the silences aren't strained. 

My high school days were BEFORE Nixon left the Presidency, during the Vietnam War, but after Woodstock. Counting up the years, Sharon and I have been friends for approximately 45 years now. Pretty impressive! She comes up to visit every fall and we take in the State Fair and the Renaissance Festival together. It's an easy friendship that doesn't require a lot of talk or work because we know each other so well. We're not constantly chatting back and forth, although she reads my blog so knows what I'm up to. It's really one of the best friendships out there - a comfortable friend is rather like your favorite chair, favorite book, or comfort food. The absolute BEST bestie!

Isn't that the key? Besties are the BEST! 

Do you have a friend like that? One who is there for you no matter what? I hope you do because it's really a fantastic thing to have in one's life. Here's to friends, Fridays and free shirts - LOL. Hugs all around!

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