Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Things - Rambling Through Thoughts and Possessions

I really need my day off today. It's income tax time, and I'll be using my "free" time to print out statements and year-end reports so that I have everything in order for our personal appointment next month. Late today is my appointment for the business taxes, but that's the easy appointment - much less paperwork and the numbers are already ready to go. It's a fast in/out 20 minutes with the accountant tonight and then I'm free for two weeks. This is the time of year when I go through paper and printer ink - arghhhhhh!

I'm not sure I could live in a one-room small house like this. Yet, my
ancestors possibly did. I'm too fond of having room to spread out. 

I sometimes long for a return to simpler times - times when I didn't have a business and lots of outside things that I had to keep track of. But as people age and mature, we acquire things. We don't just accumulate physical items, although it's a guarantee that most of my readers probably have more possessions now than they did ten years ago. We also accumulate responsibilities, history, and memories. Not everything we accumulate is annoying, requires dusting, and probably should be sold or given away. No ... there are actually good things that we accumulate such as loving companions (and new art supplies - LOL).

Memories are some of the best things we accumulate
over time. We don't have to rearrange the furniture to
accommodate them, and they rarely need dusting. 

Things - physical possessions - have been perched in my mind lately, though. I keep returning to the fact that I entered this world with nothing and will leave it with nothing, so why do I need a house stuffed with somethings surrounding me? Aside from the basic fact that having a house with sturdy walls, a well-repaired roof, and a good heating system is essential to life up here in the frozen north, there's a lot of stuff that just exists around me to make my spaces more beautiful or enrich my life. Books - those enrich my life and are as necessary to me as breathing. Art - artwork is a feast for my eyes and generally, makes me happy. But I've spent more than forty years accumulating things. Perhaps it's time to start un-accumulating things. Is there such a word?

Do what makes you happy today. Make up
for my day of printing out bank statements. 

Heavy thoughts for a Wednesday, but there you go. That's where my subconscious fingers wanted to go this morning. Have a good one and perhaps I'll be lighter-weight tomorrow. Or not.

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