Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Schedules and Snow

So we're expected to get 8"-12" of snow over the next 24 hours, starting mid-morning today. That won't be too bad because it will be over a long period of time, but DH will still have to snow-blow before I get home from work tonight and I'll have to shovel tomorrow before I leave home for the gym.

Unfortunately, my crown isn't going to be as easy to put on
as this one is. 

Speaking of the gym, here's the "schedules" part of the title - no gym today. I'm feeling fine, the car is fine, the gym is open, but I'm here at my computer and it's 5:08 am. I should already be working up a sweat on the elliptical. So why the mess-up? Last night, a half-hour before I went to sleep, the crown on my back molar popped off. I don't want to disturb things any more than necessary before going to my dentist at 7:30 am, so I decided to pass on the gym today and play it safe. I'm hoping this will be an easy fix since I'm scheduled for my semi-annual check in two weeks and I know I'll need some work done afterward because one tooth has been bothering me for months.

We usually shovel, but these heavier snows are why we have a snow blower.
DH is pretty good at using ours and I'm sure he'll have the driveway open
for me if he decides to skip his "boys night out" that was originally
scheduled. Otherwise, I may have to do it and I'm not as experienced. 

DH got notified by our insurance company that one of his medications is now denied, although he's been taking it as an approved medicine for more than a year. The doctor increased the dosage when he was in to see him in mid-January, and since then, we've had problems. Now he'll have to contact his doctor again and see what additional hoops he can jump through to be able to acquire the prescription under our plan. Since the damned drugs cost $500/month, I want them covered. Yeah!

I really loved working on the 2012 B2MeM bingo cards, even
though there were times I almost tore my hair out because
too many prompts came through at the same time. This year
isn't as rigid, it's more of a celebration. I'm really looking
forward to participating. 

So things are just mucking along. The only bright point of the month (so far - and to be fair, it is only the 2nd of February) is that B2MeM will consist of a rehash of the prior ten years of prompts and frameworks. I'm quite happy about this and am looking at expanding my Bingo card offerings from 2012 as well as possibly taking some items from the 2010 Last Battle. With so many options, I'm quite giddy. We'll have to see if my muses will continue to cooperate since they've been rather shy over the past year or so.

Finally - to join with our snowfall, I should wish all a good Imbolc to all, as well as Happy Groundhog Day to my US friends. Imbolc celebrations usually include lighting a candle in each room at dusk, at least one with a red glass chimney over it. The holiday celebrates the turn of winter toward spring, the knowledge that the darkest days are behind us. It's not a bad thing to celebrate that. Happy Tuesday to all.

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