Monday, February 1, 2016

It's Only One Day

First, my monthly summary. January resulted in 24 visits to the gym and a total of 5 pounds of holiday weight lost. Now I'm back where I was in mid-August before Sharon's visit, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The roller-coaster was pretty non-stop for the last four months of 2015. I expect this month to be a bit smoother, although I do have Super Bowl on Sunday and that will be chili and pizza rolls, so another lost weekend. But in the end, it's only one day. Right?

I do love chili, especially in the cold days of deep winter. DH wants
to make chili for Super Bowl and I'm 100% in favor of it. We'll
leave aside the argument of beans vs no beans and just eat good stuff! 

Realistically, though, these one-day things do continue, because life loves throwing things into our paths. There's Valentine's Day (and our unofficial anniversary) in February, and there's bound to be something in March - probably Mardi Gras. April will usually have Easter, May will have my birthday, etc, etc. You get the idea. If I used holidays as my excuse to eat poorly and make a lot of bad food choices, I'd be sunk in waters as deep as the Titanic.

Rusticles are taking over the bow of the RMS Titanic as she sleeps
on the ocean floor. There's something just evocative about this
vessel and seeing her as she rests in pieces across the ocean floor
must be so amazing! 

Life, realistically, will always have some event or issue coming at you that needs to be handled. Whether it's a family celebration or crisis, a festival or funeral, or just a day of personal tradition, you can't avoid them. Nor should you (or I) have to. That's why there are many days in a month. You're not going to be able to accomplish a miracle in a single day, and it's unrealistic and rather ridiculous to think that you can.

I didn't put my weight on in a year - it took more than 30 years to put it
on, take it off, and put it on again. It's only been a bit more than a year that
I've been working on improving my general physical condition and I'm really
happy with the results. If the weight continues to come off, I'll be really
happy, but what's more important is my physical improvement.
I love my YMCA! 

So, I'm saddling up the horse once again and getting back on. I'll be in the pool today and when Sunday comes along I'll be watching Super Bowl, I'll enjoy my day and the food DH wants for it while I hope for a win for my Denver Broncos and watch the commercials. But whether the Broncos win or lose, Monday will be another day. It's a saving grace. Today I'll enjoy my Monday for tomorrow it snows *sigh*. We're expecting 6"-8" before sundown on Wednesday, so lots of opportunity to shovel. Oh joy! LOL.

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