Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Back On Track Except - SNOW!

It took less than 15 minutes for the dentist to reattach my crown and clean it up. It might have thrown my schedule out of whack, but at least it was an easy fix and not too expensive. I'm back at the gym today, in the pool. Yippee! I couldn't believe how much I missed the gym just having to take a single day off yesterday. I guess it's in my blood now.

Our snow was a bit more driving - the winds really whipped it up
and at times it was horizontal as it swept down. But we didn't get
the 24 inches that Aspen got from this storm. Great skiing up there
right now with all this new powder. 

We got snow. In fact, we're still getting snow. It was coming down like broken feather pillows driven by strong winds yesterday starting around 10:00 am, By the time I left a bit after 6:00 pm, I had a good six inches to clear off my car. The winds were still blowing, so there were a couple of short white-out condition times on my drive home, but DH had the driveway cleared and was working on the last sections of roof snow. I'll still have to shovel another 2-3 inches off this morning before I leave, so today will be a short post.

Poor Phil. He just doesn't look very happy at all. But everyone
else does - a few weeks less winter would be wonderful - I think? 

The Groundhog, poor Punxsutawney Phil, didn't see his shadow yesterday so we're in for a shorter winter. The poor little rodent - all that fuss and all those people. He's probably totally freaked out and will stay inside his den for the extra six weeks anyway just to get away from the publicity.

So here's hoping all of you have a great Wednesday. I have bunches of things on my to-do agenda as I do every Wednesday, but the snow should end by mid-morning and that'll be a very good thing.

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