Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wrapping Up - The Best of the Best

I promised scans of the holiday cards I thought were the best I received and here they are. This DOESN'T mean if your card isn't pictured it wasn't great. They were ALL great. But I can only scan and share a few of them, and these six made the cut. So here we go ...

The front of Shruti's card was a reproduction of this wonderful
mandala that she drew. Just look at the wonderful detail! 

I'm starting with the front and back view of my dear friend Shruti's card. She's an amazing artist, has done doodles/zentagles/mandalas for years, free-hand and exacting. This year's card was jaw-dropping. It is one of her own works that she had printed to send to her friends around the world. So beautiful - so detailed.

The back expresses her wish for all of us receiving or viewing
her card. I did erase her personal information (email, website)
to protect her privacy. It's such a joy to be her friend - she's so talented! 

I had to show the back too, because the sentiment was heartfelt and warmed my heart like a warm fire on a cold night. Shruti lives in northern India and we rarely see each other in person. Talking electronically is also a challenge - it's about a 12 hour difference in time zones. But we keep in touch.

Poo's card was embossed metal surrounded by a sparkling field
of silver. Really lovely and, of course, hand-made. She's such
a talented paperworker and artist. 

Next, we have my other conference roomie and a talented friend. This is Poo's card. She lives in northern California. I don't get to see her now because I don't travel to her state and she hasn't come to mine for a while, but for many years we roomed together every year when attending the Bead & Button Show. We've stayed in touch and I'm so very happy we have. Her card is embossed metal colored with alcohol inks. The subtle tones of the color don't come through well on the scan, but you'll get the idea.

I received four cards that featured polar bears this year, but this one from Jenybeth was my favorite. She made this lovely card featuring a polar bear looking up at the sparkling stars in a winter scene. I've known Jenybeth since before she was born and she's grown into a sweet, caring, and very talented woman.

How could I resist? Kaishin's contribution had me laughing as
I added it to my long line of cards. I loved it! 

One of my newer LJ friends had this "ugly sweater" offering and it made me laugh. Anything that can make me laugh when I'm working insane hours has to be acknowledged. I've often wished I had an ugly sweater to celebrate the holidays with, but then again, a garment that can only be worn for a short time seems like such a waste of closet space. Thanks, Kaishin, I really liked your card!

Linda is the proud cat mother of two delightful
ginger cats. The card itself is just perfect, with
the lovely black cat in the foreground and the
cathedral in the back. My animals were always
black, so this was a perfect choice for me. 

To end this art show, a card from another LJ friend, this one in England. Linda and I have never met in person, but if I ever get to her part of the world, I'm certainly going to make the effort. She's a lovely person and usually sends me e-cards. To get a paper card from her as well was a real treat, and, of course, it featured a cat on the cover. She (like so many of my friends) adores cats.

So thank you one and all for making my holiday extra special. I loved each and every card I received, but had to pick and choose which to share with all of you who read my blog. I'm relieved that the holidays are over, but can hardly wait until next year's cards start arriving. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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