Tuesday, January 5, 2016

I Love Workshops and Classes

In a way I'm a perennial student. I love taking classes - classes of all types and in all sorts of subjects. Today, however, is registration for my favorite types of classes - jewelry classes. Bead and Button Show registration opens at noon, Central Standard Time today. Like thousands of other people, I've been perusing the catalog and on-line information trying to narrow down which classes, of the more than 700 offered during the 10-day period of the show, I want to take. It's a combination of interest in the class, time/day it is offered, and dollars available to spend.

I'd like to start my week out by taking this class offered
by Robyn Cornelius called "Lunar Pendant" I actually have
several of her classes on my list for this year. This one
looks like lots of fun. 

Fortunately, we sold the small house. Because I had put thousands of dollars into the maintenance and upkeep of that house, I get a monthly payout from the proceeds which I can use to help pay for my classes. It won't be instant, but by the time I arrive in Milwaukee in June my classes will be paid off.

Michael Thee calls this an "Intertwined Gimmal Ring". He's
wrong - a Gimmal ring is a different style than this. This is
what's called a Russian Wedding Band. It requires exact
precision for each band before they are cut apart, intertwined,
and resoldered. I enjoy the challenge of precision, so I think
I'll try to get this one, even if the name is wrong. 

I like to take metalworking classes because I am an accomplished beader and I want the practice (and playtime) with metal jewelry techniques. I look at the show as a big playground where I go to have fun, but I also want to learn something and/or hone my techniques.

This may end up being a bit of a waste of time, but it
should be fun nonetheless. It's a fold forming class
with the center copper, then enfolding it into a lightweight
silver sheath. She supplies the copper, you have to supply
your own silver. Not a problem, but interesting. It's pretty,
though, and I enjoy playing with fold forming. 

Usually I register at home instead of using my laptop at the shop. I have a more secure connection at home, and I can't be interrupted by phone calls or customer questions. I remember (in the old days) sitting at my computer and messaging back and forth with my friend/roommate Poo while we both waited for registration to open. We became quite expert at getting things done quickly so that we got the classes we wanted. She hasn't attended for several years now (I miss having her as my roomie) so I'll be on my own once again. Considering that I'll be in classes all day for four of the six days I plan to be at the show, being on my own is not a bad thing.

By the end of the week I want something brainless. This
little class on Friday is beads in a backless bezel creating
an ombre effect. I admit to curiosity about how her open bezel
works, and I like the look, so I'll indulge and spend some
time with this project. 

My manager will go in and work the morning shift for me today, so I'll be home until early afternoon which allows me to register for this year's classes. I'll also get my hotel reservations made and pay off my credit card (so that I can load it up once more - LOL). It'll be a busy morning/early afternoon. But first - the gym. Have a great Tuesday.

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