Saturday, January 16, 2016

Thoughts of Football and Income Taxes

DH's football season came to an end last weekend and he's been focused on ice hockey ever since. My own football season could come to an end Sunday afternoon when Denver meets the Pittsburgh Steelers. It's the final game of the four Divisional playoff games scheduled for Saturday/Sunday. This weekend, eight will become four, next weekend four will become two. Finally, on the first Sunday of February, those two will become one and another season of football will have ended. The end is in sight.

Here's hoping my Broncos will succeed, but I'm sure there are
friends of mine who will be supporting the opposition. Nonetheless, I'm
a total die-hard Broncos fan for life! 

Of course, that means it is now January and we're busy getting everything together for our store income tax reports, payroll reports, and closing one year to begin another. It's stressful, and after the store stuff is complete, we get to do it all again for our personal stuff. It's my least favorite time of the year.

I remember the days when I could just take my taxes
to H&R Block. Now I'd probably be looking at doing
them myself online with TurboTax or a similar service. 

Are you one of those people lucky enough to just be able to go to your local accountant or chain store income tax form preparation outlet? In many ways I envy you. If you're just gathering your W-2 form and basic expenses together, plugging the numbers into TurboTax or making an appointment with H&R Block, you're lucky. The minute we started the business, complexity increased.

TurboTax is a great alternative for lots of people. Filing the
Federal tax return is free, and the state returns are low cost.
We're a bit too complex for them, though *sigh*. 

So I'll bundle up and head out to the gym, tomorrow I'll watch my football game, and I'll try to catch up on things. It's mid-month and I'm already running behind on a few projects. Time to get running - have a wonderful weekend.

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