Friday, January 15, 2016

Frozen Water - A Photo Blog

I haven't done a photo blog in a while, and since we're heading back into the deep freeze for the weekend, and while Stormwreath is dealing with the crossing of the HelcaraxĂ« on his marvelous chibi walk through The Silmarillion, the subject of frozen water seemed appropriate. So ... what can I find for frozen water?

I'm starting with this outstanding frozen waterfall. This is the Godafoss
Waterfall in Iceland. What a stunning picture. 

No location for this one, but doesn't it almost look like the
entrance to a cathedral? Really beautiful, although really cold. 

This photo is local, although not my own picture. This is behind the
frozen waters of Minnehaha Falls, just over in Minneapolis. Minnehaha
Falls are urban - right in the city near houses and busy streets, but it's
a magical place in both summer and winter. 

I don't know where this pic is from, but I loved the ombre coating
of the surrounding cliffs. Just beautiful. 

I loved this photo because of the unusual ice formations opposite the
flowing water of the semi-frozen river. It's really quite remarkable. 

Here, Chinese tourists take photos of the frozen water in front of Longchuang
Reservoir Dam in Shandong Province. It's quite beautiful. 

So now that I've made all of you cold, I'll wish you a good Friday. I'll be swimming today, but my water will be nice and warm, my music will be hot, and I'll get a good workout before heading on to work. I hope you've enjoyed this quick trip through frozen water and that you keep warm and safe today. A couple of quick notes before I send this off. A Shout Out to my BFF Sharon for the Best Holiday Gift Ever - my Denver Broncos Dark Horse T-shirt! I wore it all day at work yesterday - love it!!! Also, RIP Alan Rickman - the one and only Sevarus Snape. I'm starting to get a bit nervous about approaching age 69, it seems like a very dangerous age.

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