Thursday, January 14, 2016

I'm Still Poor - Thank Goodness!

I didn't win the PowerBall last night and DH didn't either. In fact, I only had two of twelve matching numbers spread between my two chances. So, basically, I'm still not a member of the mega-rich. Which actually is a good thing. Why? Well, for one thing, it will save a lot of arguments and pressure.

DH and I have always supported educational charities and are believers
in higher education, even though neither of us actually use our college
degrees. I believe that exercising the mind is always worthwhile. 

When someone actually has money - big money - the world beats a path to their door and they are expected to suddenly become everyone's best friend. I don't mind being a good friend and relative, but for something like big money, people seem to crawl out of the odd places and push their way into your lives.

Is there even a safe place to put that kind of money? Step
number one would be consulting a lawyer. And how would
you decide which lawyer to consult? What a mess. I'm
quite happy I wasn't the winner of PowerBall. 

But it's always nice to dream, and I'm sure many of us had fleeting thoughts about how we would spend that insane amount of money. My choices would mainly be charitable donations for Alzheimer's research, cancer research, and LGBTQ causes such as safe houses and educational scholarships. DH would probably increase the coffers of the already-wealthy Catholic Church and would donate to several colleges, but he'd end up investing most of the money. Large sums, like what will be available for the winners, are beyond my comprehension. I only see disaster in dollar amounts of this size.

I now have two pairs of exercise pants that
actually FIT me! What a trip! I feel so happy! 

I have little goals and small triumphs. For instance, I'm happy because I saved in my own little way. I had $25 of gift cards that I had accumulated at Target, and since I needed a new set of clothing for the gym, I treated myself to two new pairs of pants for my machine days. Now my pants won't threaten to fall to my ankles. And, because what I purchased were also on sale, I ended up spending less than $10 of my own money on almost $60 worth of gym clothes. SCORE!

Each day is special and unique. Enjoy your Thursday, January 14, 2016, it's
the only Thursday, January 14, 2016 you'll ever have. Treasure it. 

It's the little things in life that can make me happy - LOL. Here's hoping you have a wonderful and fulfilled Thursday. BTW, are you working on your Slashy Valentine stories (if you're signed up)? Better get moving on those - the clock is ticking. Happy Thursday.

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