Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Polyfill and Powerball - It's a "P" Day

Today I Get Polyfill (aka Fiberfill) - it's on my shopping list. I'm going to find the absolute smallest bag I can possibly find in the entire universe, spend my money, and allow myself to progress on this project because it's driving me crazy. I know I own some. I know approximately where it should be. But I've been looking for it for almost a week now and haven't had any success in actually finding it. That ends now!

Just look at this great photo from the Chicago lake shore. The mist from the
waves has frozen on the fencing. So beautiful. So cold. 

On a brighter (or more bleak) note, it's also damned COLD. Our wind chills have been in the -22F range (-30C) and in anyone's book, that's cold. So we're officially into "bundle up" season. If the wind would die down, it actually would be much better - only -7F right now (-21.6C). Yeah - it's cold. Maybe I'll just drown myself in hot soup for lunch ...

I'm thinking soup might be perfect. Unfortunately, I doubt
it will be this Hot and Sour soup. Nom!!! 

DH went grocery shopping yesterday, meaning the freezer is stuffed to bursting with munchie food for the upcoming football games - divisional finals, conference finals, and finally - the SuperBowl. I has been going to pick up another few frozen meals for myself, but he's taken my space up with non-nutritious (but pretty darned good) snack food. *sigh* It's a hopeless cause. I'll be stuck at this same weight for the next six weeks because of his football munchies.

Power Ball is getting too large to ignore. I'll probably buy one ticket - just one. 

Are you buying a PowerBall ticket today? The jackpot is a ridiculously high number - in the range of $1.5 Billion - that's with a "B", folks. Now - I don't play the lottery, or for that matter, any type of gambling thing. I have no luck at those things at all. But I am tempted to hand over my $2 for a single ticket. I have as much of a chance with a single ticket as those fools buying multiples. Owning more tickets does NOT increase your chances of winning, only decreases your cash on hand. But maybe I'll put in my $2.

It's Wednesday and that swimming pool water
is going to feel great! 

Since it's my "day off", I have 1000's of things on my list to accomplish. I'd probably better stick some pics into this and head out the door, wrapped in down to the max, with a few extra sweaters for good measure. I'll be thinking of all of my friends in the Southern Hemisphere sweltering through their summer while I'm freezing myself to death on the frozen tundra today. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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