Monday, January 18, 2016

Moving Onward - Football, Cold and Love

Sorry Pittsburgh Steelers fans, but the Denver Broncos pulled it off and we're playing New England on Sunday for the AFC Conference title. The NFC Conference game will be played on Saturday and feature the Arizona Cardinals vs the Carolina Panthers. I will happily wear my Broncos t-shirt and hoodie for another week, and hope to make it through this coming Sunday and into the Super Bowl. But ... one game at a time.

It was Manning vs Roethlisberger and the Orange
prevailed. The previous game with Carolina was also a
good one. All in all, it was a great Sunday of football. 

It wasn't pretty. Although the quarterback was on his game, his receivers were anything but! There were dropped balls all over the place and I was seriously upset with the performance of the receivers throughout the game. There weren't even any Broncos touchdowns until the second half! Thank goodness for the kicker, Brandon McManus, who ended up making five field goals.

It was so cold yesterday, I took a quick screenshot
before I went out just to prove the temp. Of course,
it was slightly warmer (-4 instead of -7), but just
check what the "feels like" temp was! 

It was brutally cold. I did venture out to get my car filled with gas for the week. I was totally bundled up and grateful that it only took a few minutes before I was back inside the car and a bit more protected. If there had been a strong wind, the wind chills would have been sub-50. As it was, it was actual temp of -7F and windchill of -24F. Cold in anyone's book.

It really was a beautiful day, but I was happy to be looking
at it from the inside of a heated home. It does make me wonder
why people settled up here initially. I can't imagine living in
a hut or someplace without good central heating in our temps. 

We're used to cold up here, though, and the skies were blue with fluffy clouds that would be welcomed in the summer. It's all a matter of perspective. This is killing cold, though, and I know we probably lost some wildlife and birds because of it. We're starting out cold again today, but it will be better once the sun rises. I'm certainly going to bundle up for my trip to the gym, though. No fun being outside in these temps.

We talk a lot about peace in this country, yet we're at war almost constantly.
We should learn from the words of Rev Martin Luther King, Jr and start
living with love in our hearts instead of hatred. 

Here's hoping you had a great weekend and that your Monday is easy-going and fun. Many of you will have the day off to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr Day here in the US. I'll be working, and I'll be very grateful for the heater at the shop. Happy Monday!

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