Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Schedules - Comfort Food For the Brain?

I like schedules. I like to be an organized person; know what I'm expected to do, where I'm expected to be, and when I'm expected to be there. In other words, I'd make a horrible spy because I'm totally predictable. Schedules are my comfort zone.

I like the constancy of a schedule. Guess I'm
not quite as "hippie-dippee" as I come across. 

For me, schedules are both confining and freeing. For instance, I know that I have time built in to my schedule where I can plug in whatever activity I want. Lately that's been housecleaning, but it can also be beadwork, making art of various types of media, going to see a movie, shopping, writing, reading, or just sharing time with DH. Because I have the open times, I don't have to panic about the things that have to be done daily.

The things I can find. Here's a wonderful art piece entitled:
"Bone Tree of Life Skeleton Goddess" by artist Sandra Silberzweig. I really
like her style. She's out of Toronto, Canada. 

Schedules are the skeleton of life for me. The real meat is what happens between awakening and returning to sleep after the day ends, but after the basic body of the day's schedule has been put over the skeleton, I get to form that body in any way I choose. For me, schedules provide me with a framework in which to create.

I'm not a "go with the flow" kind of person. I prefer to choose
which exit to take off the freeway of daily schedules. I guess I'd
make a horrible surfer because I can't follow the curl very well. 

What about you? Are you schedule driven or do you prefer to "go with the flow" and do things as they come? How's that working for you?

I was never a super big Eagles fan, but Glen Fry's music
changed and inspired a generation. He died too young and
he'll be missed. 

Finally, one more death to mourn - that of Glen Fry of the Eagles. He died yesterday from complications of rheumatoid arthritis, acute ulcerative colitis and pneumonia. He was 67 years young. RIP Glen Fry, Join the band and make some great music with Bowie and the others who have preceded you.

Happy Tuesday - the cold and the gym are calling to me.

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