Wednesday, December 23, 2015

'Twas the Day Before the Day Before Christmas

Solstice is over and we're still here; the sun rose, last-minute shoppers shopped, and the malls were a nightmare. Christmas is in two days, New Year's is in a week (well, a bit more than a week) and today I have gifts to buy and food to pick up. My refrigerator will be stuffed. Today I'll be joining the holiday crowds, getting my last-minute things. I don't have anything on my Christmas/Solstice gift list and DH also doesn't. Maybe I'll just get the last wallpaper ordered,

We love our Honey-Baked Spiral Cut ham. It's an annual treat that my mother
used to give to us and it just wouldn't seem like the holidays without it. 

I'm picking up my annual Honey-Baked spiral cut ham (nom, nom - so very good). I'm also getting a Candy Cane and a Pumpkin with Whipped Cream pie. DH picked out a standing rib roast at the store yesterday for our Christmas Day dinner. We'll be eating well for a week or so.

I started making standing rib roasts for special days a few
years ago. They're easy to make and taste amazing. It's a
little scary cooking meat that costs that much, but it basically
cooks itself. One rib can feed me for several days. 

I'm not sure if we'll have any Chex Mix this year. We adore it, but I can't resist it and can put pounds on just looking at it! Since we're both trying to watch our weight, we might skip that this year. I did notice that four boxes of cookies are waiting for us. We have thumbprints, spritzes, sugar and ginger cookies. I'll have to ration the sugar cookies. They're my downfall.

Of all the cookies I've had over the years, I love sugar cookies the best.
They just melt on your tongue in a burst of crumbly goodness. 

Tomorrow's post will be the final one before Christmas. I think I'll do a photo blog of different Christmas trees, since I am a secular celebrant and the decorated trees are so beautiful. Today though, I'm off to the pool. I'm hoping the water will be warmer than Monday's swim which was FRIGID! Have a wonderful day before Christmas Eve and wrap, wrap, wrap!

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