Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Good Solstice To All

It's Solstice, and isn't that a wonderful thing? Whether it's your Winter Solstice as it is for those of us in the northern hemisphere, or the Summer Solstice as my friends in the southern hemisphere will experience, it is a day of celebration. Once more the sun will arise and (for the north) our daylight will now begin to gradually increase once again. That's a VERY welcome thing.

I'll start out with Solstice at Stonehenge. Although I feel a greater
connection with Avebury, I am always amazed by the power and the
sheer scale of Stonehenge. 

DH always gets really grumpy in the dark of the winter, and I don't do so well myself when my daylight is this decreased. I am very grateful that I don't live even farther north because I'd be more than cranky - I'd be unbearable.

At Newgrange, Ireland, there is a roof box that
allows the sun to shine into the chamber on the Solstice. 

As always, I pray for peace and understanding for this coming year. I look at the world as it is, though, and know that is a dream that will likely remain unfulfilled. Hatred closes people off, it restricts their hearing, filters their sight, and colors their world. Too much of today's world is writhing in pain now and too many head-blind people are roaming around, painting the world in the dark colors of Mordor. Sauron wasn't slain, he was transmuted and he still spreads hatred across the lands.

In this wonderful photo, the sunrise is altered by the shadow cast by
Mount Rainier. The peak is located in the Pacific Northwest of the US,
in the state of Washington. 

Please, celebrate this beginning of a new solar year by doing something kind and unexpected. Just a little thing -  buying someone a cup of coffee or pushing a child in a swing. Spread the love. Love is a powerful force when it is turned to acts of kindness.

I had a similar photo last week, but I fell in love
with this one as I was looking for pictures. It's
a stunning, and very cold, photo. 

Have a wonderful full day of the Solstice and get your last-minute holiday shopping done. You're running out of time! Happy Tuesday. As promised, I have sunrise pictures for you today. Blessed Be!

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