Monday, December 21, 2015

Solstice Tonight

Tonight, at 10:49 pm CST (you can find out exactly when your solstice will occur by checking out Time and Date and looking at the chart. Pretty nifty.) Solstice will begin and the longest night will have gasped its last. It is always a bit confusing when the solstice ends/begins close to midnight. Does one celebrate on the dawn of the previous day (today) or the dawn of the next day (tomorrow). I'm an inclusive person - let's celebrate both!

I'm loving this picture to celebrate the eve of Solstice. Don't
forget - we'll get a full moon this year for Christmas! 

On a sadder note, my cousin's spouse took a turn for the worse yesterday, and after a day spent in the ER and consultations with various doctors, the decision was made to transport Regina to hospice care late last night. It is a striking reminder to me that things can turn on a dime and the future is never assured. I don't know how much more time she has, but she's in an end-game now and my thoughts and prayers are with her and my cousin.

All of us will pass through the stages of life, but it's always hard
on those we leave behind. As we enter Solstice, we look forward
to the new year, but we also remember those who are no longer with us. 

This week is hectic and will be focused on getting my "After Christmas Sales" e-flyer composed and sent out to my customers. We'll run a three-day sale next week to wrap up the year. In the meantime, I still need to do a bit of shopping. ACK! Christmas is arriving with the speed of a freight train and I'm slowly walking alongside the tracks, looking at the pretty scenery and the graffiti art on the coal cars. Time to get my act in gear! (Sharon, your package ships Priority Mail this morning. Keep your eyes open.)

Christmas Eve is Thursday. We're all running out
of time. 

Good Solstice to one and all. I'll share sunrise pictures with all of you tomorrow if my early morning brain drains onto my keyboard allow me to. Happy Monday - off to the pool!

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