Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Trees - So Pretty

So yesterday was rather "meh". I shopped, but bought very little. I really didn't make any progress in getting stocking stuffers. I did get the pies and the ham which we began eating last night, and I sent out the email sales flyer for our end of the year sale that starts on Monday. The day wasn't a total loss, and was made much nicer by a lovely chat with Aearwen late in the day. Ham for dinner and Pie for dessert - it's all good. Today is a short day and then I have three days off in a row. I can't remember the last time I've had that!

This alcove just asks for a tree, and this one is decorated
beautifully. I would be running right up to it to see all
of the decorations, and then I would be wandering outside to
see what it looks like through those wonderful windows. 

Here's a post of Christmas trees. I love the sparkling lights and brilliant ornaments, ribbons and bows on trees this time of the year. So festive!

To get us started, here's a walkway in a holiday spirit. Lights don't
have to be multi-colored and holiday trees don't have to be
evergreens. This lovely walkway puts me into the holiday spirit. 

This isn't a Christmas tree, but what an excellent decorating job
the owners have done for this house. It has understated elegance that
really shows the lovely architectural design and doesn't overwhelm the senses. 

Trees don't have to be large to be happy and decorated. Here, this lovely
tree is rather small, but has beautiful impact because the decorations are
kept within a small range of colors. Lovely. 

Isn't this just a sweet way to decorate a tree? I love the coordinated colors, but
those little hanging packages really catch my eye. Just stunning and such
a great idea. These would be easy to make. 

I love the look of the larger ribbon spiraling around this tree. When
matched with the pine cones and red and white lights, it makes a tree that
seems so welcoming. 

Finally, let's not lose sight of the magic of the season. Whether you
celebrate Christmas or not, it is a season of friends, family and joy.
Here's hoping your Christmas will fill your heart with laughter
and happiness. 

Have a wonderful Christmas. I probably won't post again until Monday, so enjoy your holiday. Oh, by the way, if you were wondering - yes. I did order the wallpaper yesterday, so that's one more task done! Happy Christmas to all, see you Monday!

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