Monday, December 28, 2015

I Survived the Christmas Holidays

So, I survived the Christmas holidays. The ham was finished yesterday morning, added to our breakfast omelettes. The prime rib will still give me one final dinner tonight. Hubby decided against a turkey for New Year's because he's put on more than 10 pounds over the holiday - cookies, pie and lots of other edibles will do that. I also gained, but only four pounds, and I'm back in the swimming pool in a little more than an hour from now to begin working that gain off. I'm not happy that I gained, but I was careful - not denying myself the good stuff, just careful. Of course, no turkey leaves New Year's in the wind. We'll have to decide on something within the next day or so.

The stars of the movie are the starships, and I'm totally
in love with Kylo Ren's Bat Wing ship. It's a
statement piece and it's just snarky and elegant. 

One thing we did do was take Saturday as a fun day. It was DH's birthday, so we started the day off by seeing "Star Wars The Force Awakens" at the movies. Even though I inadvertently purchased tickets for the 3D showing, we enjoyed it. We had the same complaints and hurrahs as everyone else, and just wonder where they will go from here, now that the rehash is complete.

I really liked this dark beer, Ann. It's from Schmaltz Brewing. They
have a standard that is around all the time, but this is
their holiday brew. If you can find it, I think you'll like it. 

After the movie we went to Chili's for a really nice lunch and then over to Total Wine to restock. We were almost out of Port and needed some fun beer to top off the holiday. Hey Ann, I had this beer later that night and (of course) thought of you. It's a seasonal beer and was a really nice dark with sweet undertones, a bit more bite than a Guinness, but not as chocolate as Left Hand does their dark. I loved the bottle, and the bottle cap was a keeper.

Everyone will experience the good and bad that life has to offer. If possible,
concentrate on the good. The bad will fall to the wayside and you'll
remember the good much longer. 

A friend in Germany's Grandmother died yesterday evening, my cousin's spouse is hanging on in hospice but it won't be much longer than another week or so, and one of my nephews is getting a divorce from the Evil Empress (yippee!). In other words - life goes on. So as I attempt to get my weight back down before my next three day weekend, and as I work myself crazy at our three-day Year-End Sale, I'll think of all of you - my friends in real life and cyber life - and be so very grateful. You're the BEST! Happy Monday!

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