Thursday, December 3, 2015

Tempus Fugit - Thoughts About Calendars

Yesterday was very productive - in the card-making department at least. I got my errands done quickly and settled down to two different aspects of the cards - the interior coverpiece and the insert which most cards will be getting. It was a huge job, but it's progressing nicely. Now I have to make sure I get as much done at work in the early mornings as possible since my next full day won't come until next week's Wednesday and the clock is ticking.

DH wanted Alphonse Mucha for the computer room calendars last year.
It was very pleasant, and I enjoy his artwork very much, but two of the
same artist just didn't work for me. I hope I get better variety this year. 

It's so odd to look over at my wall and see calendars with December as the frontspiece. Do all of you like calendars? I have been buying my 2016 calendars for more than a month now - every 20%-30% coupon for Barnes & Noble I've received has gone towards a calendar. (Well, there was one adult coloring book, but I'll just let that one slide - LOL.)  I usually have two calendars behind me in the computer room, three in my guest bathroom, one by the entryway and my DH has one upstairs in his bedroom.

DH adores his Luis Royo calendar every year. This one is a hard one for
me to get. I order it in June or else I don't get it at all. Very limited print
run and limited availability as a result. 

I look upon calendars as portable art - mini pictures of beauty that I can change each month. Sometimes a calendar will be a disappointment, but usually I am enthralled and notice something new about the image of the month each time I look at it. I do have standard calendars that I buy every year.

I adore the artwork in the Witches' Calendar. She's a talented scratchboard
artist who colorizes her scratchboard art. Some exceptional craftsmanship
every single year. 

I always buy the Witchcraft calendar and Gardens of the Spirit because I love the art in the Kraft calendar and the total zen of the Japanese gardens shown in the Spirit. My third one in that room is always up for grabs. I don't recall what I've ordered this year, but I hope it will be equally pretty.

My "Gardens of the Spirit" calendar is very zen and features photos of
Japanese gardens and thoughts for spiritual grounding. It's an immersion
in beauty to start every day. 

My back room at the store always gets a dragon calendar and the front room gets a smaller calendar featuring beautiful photos of various natural places across the US. That's the calendar that gets written on a lot - vacations, appointments, and other items that need schedule changes have to be on that calendar.

I do enjoy scenic calendars, such as this photo of Niagara Falls in New York state. 

What do you think about calendars? Do you have more than one in your house? Do you keep them afterward because you love the pictures or do you toss them along with the old year when you replace them in January? Happy Thursday to all - it should be a good day today!

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