Wednesday, December 2, 2015

OMG - Running Late!

I was on time - but now am late. How can 20 minutes make such a difference?!?!?

I'm making my list and checking it twice! I heard from several of you
yesterday, but there are names I expect that I'm not seeing! Send me
your address in a private message or in Monday's daily blog post
where I had all comments screened! Do it NOW before you forget! 

Time for a single picture and a reminder to all reading to send me your address for your holiday card. Kaishin - this means you! You snooze, you lose ... I'm not privatizing the comments on this post, but go to yesterday's and post your address there for a private post or message me directly. Tick tock .....

The goal is to send my holiday cards all to friends all around the world. It's the
small things like sharing my art at the holidays that really make me happy. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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