Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Holiday Cards - Call Out #1

Here it is - December 1st, and I have a ton of work still to do on my Holiday Cards before getting them into the mail for those of you who supply me with your addresses. I have addresses from Hans, silver_trails and curiouswombat, but here's how this works.

You want one of my cards, you supply me with your current address. That includes you, huinare, and you, drummerwench, even though we discussed cards when you were up and we visited earlier in the year.

I've always loved this holiday card image. It's a study in
negative space and the design implications created by
just removing the fence bars at just the right places. 

Old friends (Sharon and Missy) and family (Catie, Annie, etc) are exempt from the "supply me with an address" because I think I have the correct ones (we'll find out, won't we?).

I'm going to screen comments (on DW and LJ) so that you can comment directly on this notification, but if you have hesitations, feel free to message or email me directly. I only make a total of 50 cards and sometimes it works out to a few less because of production issues. So far I'm on track, but I still have two major stages remaining and I'm going to be working on getting this year's card completed - full steam ahead!

So give me your current addresses, please. I love it when I have the opportunity to send my cards around the world and I don't expect (although I adore) receiving a card in return. Hasten to your keyboard and give me your address! Happy Tuesday.

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