Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Cyber Monday - Farewell to the Small House

It's Cyber Monday here in the USA (and perhaps also more world-wide). That's the cyber equivalent of Black Friday - deals for on-line shopping that run for one day. I have a few sites I'll check out after dinner tonight, but as usual, I doubt I'll buy much of anything. We're pretty well situated and don't really need anything under our nonexistent tree this year. DH wants to see a movie for his birthday (he's a near-Christmas baby) so we'll do that, but we really don't need lots more stuff to fill this house.

Farewell to the Small House. As of later today, it will
no longer be ours and we will be taking a nice check
to the bank. Huzzah! 

Speaking of house, today's the day. At 9:00 am we meet at the title office to sign the documents that will move ownership of the small house to Ross instead of us. We're very relieved. We should be just in time, too. We're supposed to be getting our first real snow of the season starting this afternoon and going overnight. For the first time in more than 20 years, we will only have our own house and the shop to shovel and that will be delightful!

The small house is small - only 900 square feet of finished space with a full basement (those of you who live in areas of slab housing need to remember that we're in a tornado area here. Basements are essential and can be life-saving.

The two built-in bookcases in the living room/dining room
are really lovely and very antique. They fit exactly around
the old-fashioned archway. 

One of the things I really loved about the house were the built-in hand-made bookcases in the main room. They fit snugly around the archway and can be switched so that the opening can be as it currently is, or into the room beyond. The woodwork in general is superb in the house - hardwood window frames, solid doors, hardwood floors and built-in cabinets that are also hardwood. I'll be curious to discover if they will keep all of the wood when they re-do the house, or replace some of it with more up-to-date features.

There's a long l-shaped attic behind this swinging door.

Across from the one is this smaller attic in what used
to be my sewing nook. 

The final hidden attic was behind this built-in bookcase that
swings out in two ways to open up the way into the hidden space. 

The upstairs of the house has a low ceiling and lots of attic cubby space. There is a house-long attic behind that white swing door in the 1/2 bath, a second smaller one across where I used to have my sewing nook, and a third longer one behind this built-in bookcase in the large room. I always thought it would be the perfect hidey-hole, but we never found any treasure.

I had a Wild Mushroom and Argula pizza. Fabulous! 

DH had the Maximus - lots of meat on this one. He said
it was quite tasty. 

We toasted the end of an era with pizza at Pizza Luce. He had a personal Maximus and I had a personal Wild Mushroom and Argula. They were SO good. Even with pizza and Thanksgiving, I ended up the month down one pound. Of course, that's actually up two from just before my turkey binge, but any weight lost at this time of the year is a win-win. Now to start December tomorrow and see if I can avoid problems during the Holiday Season. Have a great Monday!

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