Friday, December 4, 2015

Holiday Songs and Memories

We have holiday songs playing at the shop. Over many years (and with the advantage of being behind the stereo speakers) I have learned to ignore the music. But every once in a while a customer will remark on a song, and sometimes Chickie will whistle along with one or another.

I love this version of Santa, shredding it for the elves. 

During festive or otherwise significant times of our lives, music inevitably becomes part - often an intrinsic part - of the occasion. What is a wedding without a processional tune for the bride? What is a birthday without some variation (good or bad) of "Happy Birthday" being chanted. So I return once again to the Holidays where Christmas songs dominate in this country.

Oh, those crazy singing elves from Santa's workshop. 

There are Channukah songs, although they rarely get much air time (apparently Sirius-XM will have a holiday music channel for Channukah), and there is probably a growing group of Kwanzaa songs, but I can't recall having heard Solstice songs? What a golden opportunity to someone to step into that gap and start another trend!

Of course there are beggars who will only use the money gathered to buy drugs or
liquor, but there are also those who need food, shelter, and maybe a helping hand. 

Is there a holiday song that you love; one that brings the sights, smells and sounds of the holiday season immediately to your mind and crowds your thoughts with memories of days gone by? My memory-tripping holiday song is "Silver Bells", a song that always reminds me of the undertone of sorrow that underlies the festivities. I remember, when I was young and walking the streets of downtown Denver with my father, seeing an older, scruffy man wrapped in old coats and ragged scarfs, selling pencils on the street corner. It was a frigid day and he was being ignored by most of the people. I was pulled along by my father, but I remember the man nodding at me as I turned to look at him once again. Thinking of him, while hearing the bells ringing declaring the festive nature of the holidays, still brings tears to my eyes.

Sometimes good things can happen. Spread a little bit
of love today. It might be life-changing. 

Have a wonderful Friday! Do something wonderful for someone this holiday.

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