Saturday, December 5, 2015

Progress Is Being Made - Do I Have Your Address?

It seems as if things are coming together for this year's Holiday cards and I'm having so much fun making them. Oh, I'm not finished yet! Not by any stretch. But I'm into the final steps (yes, there are still several steps) on the cards themselves, the inserts (which will go to most people) are well on their way, and I'm starting to plan the envelopes.

I can hardly wait to send my cards on their way and
I'm on track with my schedule. 

I'm certainly on track for a Solstice mailing, but might be finished earlier than that. I'm focused on at least getting my overseas cards sent out sooner. I'm still missing some addresses. It might be easier to run through my address list tomorrow while I'm "bored" at work (my Sunday open days during the holidays are either frightfully busy or ridiculously boring). I can look at whose addresses I've received and who I'm missing, then message you individually for updated information.

I wish I was as good at lettering as this example, but my writing is
sloppy and I'm not good with a pen and ink. But you'll have to make
do with a decorated envelope instead. 

I think I should put on some holiday music, make some hot chocolate, and toss up a handful of glitter to simulate snow. Or ... maybe not. Have you sent me your address in a private email or message? Please do. I don't ask for cards in return (although they are always welcome), I just enjoy the idea that my little pieces of art find new homes all around the world. So much fun!

I'm off to the gym, have a wonderful Saturday and a great weekend.

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