Monday, December 7, 2015

Monday, Monday ...

During the holiday season I also work on Sunday, so it makes waking up on Monday that much harder. Both DH and I were exhausted last night and I was in bed early - 8:00 pm or so. Ridiculous, but I guess I needed some sleep. Only two more Sundays to go (if you need to make or buy holiday gifts, your clock is ticking).

Sometimes I wish it was acceptable for adults to whisper their
gift wishes to Santa. Unfortunately, Santa can't do much about my wishes -
peace, understanding, compassion and thought before action. 

I am focused on finishing my holiday cards this week. There's still a lot to do, but if I really push, it should go quickly. At this point, I'm still debating the back of the cards - it's under consideration - but the inner front pieces are almost complete, the overlay is done, and the inserts are polished and ready for their next step. It's so much fun to put these together for all of you.

This year's card has been rather like assembling a jigsaw
puzzle - lots and lots of components. Pieces I made that I
decided against using are possibly going to be in next year's
card which is already in the planning stages. 

Don't forget to message or PM me your address if you haven't already. I think I have almost everyone corralled and I'll be starting work on envelopes later this week. Then, I want my overseas cards to start their longer journeys so that, hopefully, people can actually receive them close to Solstice.

The only absolute I have in my schedule is making sure I get DH
his white cake with white frosting that he wants for his birthday! 

Somewhere between all of this craziness I have to remember to actually get a few things for DH's holiday and birthday gifts, order his birthday cake for him, and try to plan ahead a bit to make this year's birthday extra special for him. He's been a VERY good boy!

Here's hoping your Monday is excellent. I'm going to the pool and the Chiropractor before breakfast and work. It never ends - LOL - but that's got its good points too.

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