Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Sometimes Joy is Ellusive

Many of you have been reading my blog for a long time - years in some cases. The last third of 2014 was taken up by frightening news from my dear cousin "M" whose spouse had been diagnosed with peritoneal cancer. "R's" cancer had spread throughout her chest cavity and after two difficult sessions with chemo and radiation, she went in for surgery around the Holiday time, and then had to return for a final session of chemo and radiation after the beginning of 2015. But things looked good - very good. Her chest was declared free of cancer and "R" was well on the way to healing and returning to health.

My cousin "M" is on the left, her spouse "R" on the right. 

Two days ago I noticed my cousin posting from a hospital. Seeing that there was a Caring Bridge post, I went in to find out that "R" had been having trouble with balance and steady walking so they had gone in for a check-up and MRI. Unfortunately the MRI confirmed that "R's" cancer had spread and now was found throughout her brain. The doctor recommended a ten-day course of radiation therapy which will begin on Wednesday, but to be honest, it's just gaining some time. Things don't look good. My cousin "M" sand that the two of them are talking a lot and laughing a lot, and that just makes me tear up.

In 2013 they went on a cruise, a delayed honeymoon. They had a wonderful
time in the warm waters of the Caribbean. 

If any of you could spare a thought or send some white light to them in this difficult time, I would really appreciate it. I know they could use all of the good thoughts possible and I've seen what amazing things can be accomplished by multiple prayers before. I know well that all things must end but I'm just hoping their ending can be pushed off a bit longer.

This picture was from 2003, before they were married. 

I apologize for the mood crusher this morning, but if it is the season of hope, then I'm going to hope good things for the two of them. Have a great Tuesday, I'll be back tomorrow.

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