Monday, December 14, 2015

Holiday Cards - Watch Your Mailbox

All of my overseas cards and some of my domestics are going out in this morning's mail. The remainder of the domestics will be in tomorrow's mail. *Whew* (she says, wiping her brow). Another year managed and complete. I'm very pleased with how this year's card turned out and hope all of you who shouted out to me and gave me your addresses agree.

I love designing and sending out my holiday cards. 

Yesterday was the second of three Sundays I have to work this holiday season. At least I was busy so that was a good thing. I even needed DH's help on the sales floor with a couple of people while I was tied up with a lovely young lady who ended up with both a very nice assortment and a high sales dollar amount. It was wonderful to get back home, though. Working six days a week is exhausting.

My international cards get mailed first because they take
longer to arrive. My cards go all over the world to dear
friends both RL and Cyber. Friends are the BEST! 

This week will be quite hectic. I should probably do some shopping because I don't have many gifts purchased, although I have been ordering things for DH for several months and at least have those set aside. DH, on his end, is busy setting up the new shelving he made and cleaning up his areas. He's trying to dictate what I can and cannot use my shelving for, and it's starting to get really annoying. But since I don't have the time to deal with my portion of shelving yet anyway, it's currently a moot point. However, I foresee contention in my future.

We'll soon have the snow to go along with the season,
and I really wanted to get these finished before traffic
was snow-filled and much slower. 

Today's post is brief, though. I'm ready to hit the swimming pool for my mile and then get going on my day. I'm really looking forward to getting my cards to the post office and out to all of you, my friends in far places. Have a really great Monday!

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