Saturday, December 12, 2015

Moving Through Tight Spaces

Once again my schedule has been thrown into disarray by DH's building projects. He worked on shelving units 3 and 4 yesterday and the final unit wasn't ready to be pulled into the house until almost 10:00 pm. Then it wouldn't fit properly around our curves and down our stairs. DH finally brought it through the downstairs door, but it still needs to make it down one more level. He'll either fight with it solo early today before he gets to the store, or we'll be dealing with it tonight and another night will go down the tube. I let myself sleep until 5:00 am - no gym for me today.

We're trying to work down angled stairs with angled ceilings. If
the ceilings were straight instead, we wouldn't have the
problem, but the stairs have another set above them for the
living room to upper hallway access. 

The various shelving and storage units he's been building are going to be marvelous. We have tools and supplies scattered throughout four rooms and they need to be consolidated, organized, and culled. I'm really looking forward to being able to find my supplies when I need them without hunting and digging. I usually have things in order, but when I can't find things, it can be very time consuming.

This fabulous statue of a runner is in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Tomorrow is the second of three working Sundays. I'm already totally sick and tired of working the extended day. My cards are almost finished and my overseas cards will be getting mailed Monday or Tuesday morning. I see the finish line flagged in the distance and the mists are rising to meet the sun ... Happy Weekend to all!

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