Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Two Wednesdays Left!

OMG! OMG! OMG!!!! Only two Wednesdays left before Christmas and so much to do! The cards are done and mailed, I have a few extra in case something crops up, but basically that project is complete. I have a few small gifts for DH, but really need to get his stocking stuffers and other miscellaneous gifts together. It doesn't help that his birthday is around that time as well - double the gifts, but also double the pressure and money. Still, I'll manage, I always do.

Only two shopping days left for me! ACK!!!!

The funds from the sale of the small house finally cleared in DH's account, and he'll be giving me a monthly stipend from the funds that will help me out a LOT. He also gave me a very generous amount to pay down my Discover Card bill. Actually, it's just in time for my next major purchase which is ...

Even though I would love to do Jeff Fulkerson's Inlay Cuff
class, it's a two-day class and costs a BUNDLE. I can't imagine
the technique would be much different than last year's inlay
ring which I had a blast doing, so I'll probably take two
one-day classes instead. 

Bead & Button classes!. The catalog just arrived two days ago and the on-line catalog just went live yesterday. There are a lot of metals courses I'm interested in playing with, and I really have to narrow them down a bit - I'm over the top right now. I have lots of pages marked - some to look at the projects more carefully, others to put on my "I want this class" list. That reduced credit card will be jumping right back up again as soon as I register in early January *sigh*.


Jordan Smith's victory wins another season for Adam Levine.
Next season Christine Auguilera returns to the judges. She's
always fun to have on the show. Congrats to Jordan for a great season. 

Finally, even though I couldn't stay up to watch the final hour of "The Voice", my favorite contestant, Jordan Smith, won. So very happy for him. He caught me with his initial blind audition and never let go, giving one of the strongest runs in the nine-season history of the show. I know he'll go far. Hew won't be singing front man for a heavy-metal band, so I probably won't hear his music very often, but he'll chart through the popular music genre. Congratulations to him and the other three finalists. Great season!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, I'm off to the pool and the start of a busy day while avoiding freezing rain and possible snow *sigh*.

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