Thursday, November 5, 2015

Work Is Relaxing? Am I Crazy?

In the title I asked "Am I crazy?" I should know better than to ask such a thing because those who know me would probably say "yes" without hesitation. However, crazy in a good way! Yesterday, for example, my "restful" day off.

My "Day Off" started considerably earlier than this. 

I was up at 2:45 am because I just couldn't sleep. I had too many things to do, so thoughts were traveling through my head at 100 miles an hour. Giving up, I grabbed a trash bag and spent the next half hour gathering the trash from assorted containers in the house as well as the recycling. Then down to the computer to start the day.

Except, I got about five minutes into starting my day - responding to a query by a fellow store owner - when my internet died. I looked over at the router and instead of a lovely row of blue lights, there was a single, blinking, yellow one.

I waited, patiently, but it didn't reset. I unplugged it and plugged it back in once more, but it still wasn't restarting. That told me that it was probably a cable issue, not my router, so grabbing my phone I called and after a few menus, got told that there was indeed a problem with wires that they were working on, but that it wouldn't be fixed until 6:00 am. ARGH. Well, I read for a bit, went to the gym and had a fabulous swim (putting the refuse cans by the curb for pickup before I left) and went to breakfast after my workout.

Dropping by the store, I got everything turned on and ready to go there, then drove south to get restocked on paper bags and order some checks and deposit slips at the nearby branch of our bank. The bag supplier's computers were down - they'll ship my bags to me at no charge when they can find them and bill them. The bank, hopefully, will fill the order properly. The last time it wasn't correct - thus this trip.

Days off are almost too busy! I need a day off to recover from my day off. 

Home to throw a load of laundry into the washer. Huzzah! The cable is back on and I have net. I cobble a quick post together and run out to the small house to meet the HomeVestors guy for a second run-through. I get the purchase documents from him (now to get DH to sign off on them) and head to the grocer. Mmmmmm - food! Nothing really jumping out at me, though, so the expense wasn't too bad.

Back home, The washed clothes are moved to the dryer and the next load is tossed into the washer. I eat a quick lunch and decide to polish the stone I'm sending to my friend who lives on the Isle of Man. I set up my polishing wheels and start playing. Fun (if a bit messy). It's not a perfect job, but the small polished cab reminds me of some photos she's posted of cliffs and the ocean. I think she'll like it. Tear down and clean up the equipment and mud sludge from the stones I played with.

Turning my attention to my schedule, I run to the wallpaper store to meet with Aleeza. I bring her samples of what I like. She'll take a look through new books, etc when it is slow later in the day and see if there's anything else she thinks might work well. We're all getting a bit frustrated. I just can't find the right paper for my hallway and entryway areas.

Home once more, time to get an hour's worth of work done on my Solstice cards. This section is boring and repetitious, but I'm slogging through it. After an hour or so, I rescue the first load from the dryer, make the bed, put away the dried clothing and move the second load to the dryer, clean up the glitter bomb from the Solstice cards and settle down to talk with Aearwen for our weekly chat.

Lots of talk about LOTRO with Aearwen this week. DH and I need to move our characters from one world of play to another and she had lots of helpful instructions and hints. Fun, as always. How long have we been talking every week now? A couple of years at least.

A day off with nothing to do? Maybe in the Halls of Mandos, but not in
my current life. 

Finish up with Aearwen, start washing and coating chicken. Put that into the over and rescue the second laundry load from the dryer. Put the linens away, and soon DH is coming through the door OMG - forgot that I still have a ton of computer work to do because the cable had been down in the morning. That's my final hour of the night - catching up with the early morning computer work. And that's my "day off". Anyone have a nice, empty, hot and sunshiny beach for me to veg out on instead of my crazy schedule?

Have a wonderful Thursday. Work, for me, will almost be restful compared to my "day off".

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